Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Picks and Reviews

What's up good people. Summer is upon us once again. Usually that means a bunch of really good music comes out. With that in mind I thought I would take a second a just list some of my top picks. I always do what the people want so for once I thought I would give my picks. That way you can get a feel or who I am more as to always being known as the peoples dj. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I love the support. Keep it coming.

So here are my top ten songs.

#1 - Ke$ha - Your Love Is My Drug [Full Tilt Remix]
#2 - Katy Perry - California Gurls [Dj X-Factor Going Back 2 Cali Remix]
#3 - La Rouxx - Bulletproof - I have 2 versions I am pounding [Riverside Remix & Dj Deville's Tribal Bootleg] both are pure fire.
#4 - Justin Bieber - Baby [Guccimix] Yes I have bieber fever. One listen to this mix and you will know why. By far the best remix of this song.
#5 - Usher - O.M.G [Dj Intensify] & [Full Tilt Remix] especially after seeing the shot girl at Rum Runners Last Fri Night. Honey got a booty like POW POW POW! WOW OH WOW... I WAS CHECKING HER OUT.....
#6 - Christin Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight [Full Tilt Remix] - I like the shorter mixes of the songs but this track just screams energy and I love that.
#7 - JLS - Everybody In love [ I just got the club remixes so I haven't test this out yet, but I really do like the original radio edit]
#8 - Marques Houston - Kickin and Screaming [ I have only played this once in a club, but I personally like this song. The more I play it for myself the more it's growing on me]
#9 - V.L Brown - Shark in The Water - I was given this one a few months ago from my P.D. I slept on it and didn't even give this one a listen. Then it appeared on a remix issue and I thought what the hell I'll give it a try and yes the shark in the water bit me. I'm playing the club version and I haven't cleared any floors yet while playing it.
#10 - Iyaz - Solo [ I've got a remix with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson that I like to use on the radio mixshows, In the club, I' all about the xmix dub version. It's short and got muscle. Great mix with energy and hype. I love it.

There you have my top ten picks for the moment.

Hope you tune in to the show. You can catch me live on the 102.5 WIOG or every Friday @ 6am with the Early Shift Mini Mix with Demas. Back at 7pm with the Happy Hour Mixdown with Mile High. Then Friday Night lIve with Mile High from Winstons Pub in Midland from 10pm - 1am. We broadcast live from the club. Get ready cause I'm about to change the mix up. Sat nights the hot zone with Cooper beginning at 9pm.

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The Captain E-Man