Thursday, April 1, 2010

Introducing the WIOG HOT ZONE

For years I have wanted to have my own show where I actually had control of the music and was able to just be myself with a show. I was finally given that chance. Thus far I haven't had to follow any specific guidelines other than being formatted to fit the station. I am truly having alot of fun with this, and the people listening all seem to be enjoying what I've been doing. In fact, a couple of weeks ago. The station music director called me and advised me that there was someone from Oklahoma who just happen to be listening to the station on line and really liked what he had heard and thought it would be a perfect fit for his radio station somewhere in Oklahoma. Where this station is located I don't have a clue I don't have any information other than it's in Oklahoma. So hopefully soon I will get that and who knows if your in the state of Oklahoma maybe very soon you will also be rocking your Saturday Nights to the sweet sound of the Captain E-Man.

I thought I would give you a little taste of what the Saturday Night Hot Zone Sounds like. I am posting below one of the shows. 3 hours of party music, keep in mind this is formatted for radio airplay. Meaning you may hear extended breaks with a long music bed {radio terms -- breakdown / talkover music bed / loop / instrumental beat}
which allows the on air talent a chance to talk to the people listening, run contests, take requests, etc etc etc.. You get the idea. So hope you enjoy the show. 27, 2010 - HOT ZONE 9PM SET #1.mp3 27, 2010 HOT ZONE 9PM SET #2.mp3 27, 2010 HOT ZONE 10PM SET #1.mp3 27, 2010 HOT ZONE 10PM SET #2.mmp 27, 2010 HOT ZONE 11PM SET #1.mp3 27, 2010 HOT ZONE 11PM SET #2.mp3

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